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Maya Healing Center 2900 Sonoma Blvd., #C, Vallejo, CA Offering distance and in-person sessions.

health consciousness – is about expanding as we are experiencing life. The opposite is contracting. It seems simple but what causes you to contract rather than expand? Achieving health consciousness is about clearing all of the things that you contract for or cause you to contract in your experience. Do you believe it is possible to live in an expanded state of consciousness all of the time? Is that even what you want?

If you are thinking about this…consider that when we contract, we experience suffering.

What do you want your life to be?   
How is your life happening or not happening? 
We are in relationship to ALL around us; what are your relationships like?
How does fear exist in your life?Are you holding on to traumatic experiences?

Let's get to know each other special
1 1/2 hour session for $50
New clients only

According to the ancient texts, the words intelligence and consciousness are the same. The "consciousness" of the universe is available to you for the asking.... There are many modalities available to us during this incredible time to be alive. Choose your life.

Health consciousness..... What is it that we are all wanting in the end? After years of questioning and researching, I realized that, for me, the meaning of life is joy. My description of joy is distinct from happiness. When we experience something that brings us happiness, we can experience joy in that experience. But that is a fleeting kind of joy, here now….gone now.

We have many different aspects: the mind, the ego, the subconscious, the conscious, the human body, the soul, the spirit and our Divine Spark to name a few. No one aspect is the expert. Health consciousness happens when all aspects are working together and aligned with our highest purpose. This is very much an individual process.

I chose the healing modalities that I work with because they are all about the individual. Knowing that the meaning of life is experiencing joy is not helpful unless the tools are available to make that happen. There is not a list of things to do or not do. Each of us has to find our joy; no one can find it for us. We are all as a thread in the tapestry and each thread provides something totally unique, and each requires a combination of things specifically for it to maintain health that contributes to a high quality of life in all areas. And each thread is infinitely connected with all other threads.

Available for ThetaHealing® sessions and classes, Shamanic Healing, Reconnective Healing®, The Reconnection® and Metamorphosis Healing  

o not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise.              
Seek what they sought. -Matsuo Basho

ThetaHealing ® is an opportunity to discover and change subconscious beliefs that are influencing the way you live your life. Emotional patterns manifest in well being or the lack there of. The healing that occurs is what you allow. With your free will, discover and choose what serves you and release what is not serving you. Find out what is influencing you and change what you will.

Using simple muscle testing, you can discover your subconscious beliefs; 80% of our beliefs are in the subconscious mind. Based on your desire for change in your life, we discover and invite healing energy in the form of ancient prayer using the theta brain wave state.


Contact me for a free 15 minute session (distance and in-person).

*ThetaHealing™ rates:

1 hour - $100.00
15 minutes - $25.00

*A sliding scale is available based on individual circumstance.
A free check in is available for each session.
PayPal is available for credit card payments by clicking above; contact me for other types of payments. 

Your thoughts and words have power. Reclaim your personal power by clearing beliefs that are not serving your highest and best, releasing commitments, oaths and vows, soul retrieval and release, removing negative energy, psychic hooks and psychic attacks. Allow yourself to know from the Source what unconditional love is, what joy is and how to align yourself with your true self.

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Shamanic sessions:

Compassionate spirits are available for information and healing; all we need to do is ask. Reclaim you personal power, learn how to maintain your personal power and heal your soul. Soul loss from traumatic experiences is one of the major causes of illness and disharmony in our lives. Let go of negative energy and gain support from the very real realm of non-ordinary reality.

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Contact me for a free 30 minute session (distance and in-person).

*Shamanic session rates: Session - $100.00

Soul retrieval, 2 part session, $150. This is one of the most basic approaches to healing and empowerment. Get back parts of your soul that left in relationships and trauma, and release soul parts that you have collected that cannot  serve you. You participate in this process opening your ability to receive.

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*A sliding scale is available based on individual circumstance.A free check in is available for each session.PayPal is available for credit card payments by clicking above; contact me for other types of payments.

Morgan Britt, Open Channeler, and I are working together with ThetaHealing ®, Shamanic practices and The Guides to answer your deepest questions and provide healing. Check out http:/ for more information. You may also check out the “Co-practicing” page on this site for information from The Guides and an excerpt from a healing.

Session $145.00

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a health expert or health care provider. I do not directly or indirectly dispense medical advice and I cannot diagnosis or prescribe medical treatment or medical care. 
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